Stakeholder Engagement & Livelihoods

fostering improved stewardship of natural resources through active involvement with stakeholders


Program Purpose

The Stakeholder Engagement and Livelihoods Program at TASA is dedicated to fostering improved stewardship of natural resources through active involvement with stakeholders across six key communities: Belize City, Caye Caulker, San Pedro, Copper Bank, Chunox, and Sarteneja fishing communities. By shifting focus from mere outreach to substantive engagement, the program aims to boost management effectiveness by promoting sustainable practices among stakeholders in the fishing and tourism sectors. 

Through strategic media presence, participation in national events, and targeted environmental education initiatives that involve youth in schools, TASA works closely with these communities to cultivate conservation leadership skills and raise awareness about the importance of marine resource preservation.


Key Activities

By instilling an understanding of ecosystem services, conservation principles, and the significance of Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve, the program not only educates but also immerses stakeholders in hands on activities. his holistic strategy aims to effectively engage stakeholders and empower them with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute positively towards marine conservation efforts, ultimately leading to more sustainable outcomes for the marine protected area.

Boat to Boat

Boat-to-boat activities play a crucial role in the sustainability efforts of the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association. These interactions facilitate vital monitoring and conservation tasks, allowing for the efficient exchange of information and resources between vessels. This collaborative approach enhances the protection of the atoll’s delicate marine ecosystems, supports sustainable fishing practices, and promotes eco-tourism.

By connecting different stakeholders directly on the water, the association ensures that the Turneffe Atoll remains a vibrant and biodiverse environment for future generations.The most effective tool for increasing fisher awareness has proved to be boat-to-boat conversations – a strategic outreach tool providing information directly to fishers that mirrors the community and environmental education outreach messages and reinforces the key concepts.

It has been shown that, for greatest effectiveness, boat-to-boat activities should:

Did you know?

TASA conducts regular educational outreach programs with six local communities to promote conservation and sustainable use of the atoll’s resources.

Environmental Education Workshops

TASA conducts environmental education workshops for local schools and communities in the Belize and Stann Creek Districts as well as the fishing villages of Chunox, Progresso, Copper Bank and Sarteneja.. These workshops are designed to raise awareness about the importance of marine ecosystems and the need for their protection. By engaging with students and community members, TASA fosters a sense of responsibility towards the environment and encourages sustainable behaviors that contribute to the conservation of the Atoll.

Community Fairs and Exhibitions

Community fairs and exhibitions play a pivotal role in the mission of the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association (TASA). These events serve as a vibrant platform for raising awareness about the ecological significance of the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve, Belize’s largest offshore Atoll. By engaging the public through interactive displays and educational activities, TASA fosters a deeper understanding of the need for marine conservation. Such gatherings are instrumental in promoting sustainable fishing practices and eco-tourism, which are vital for the economic resilience of local communities. Moreover, they provide an opportunity for stakeholders to unite in their commitment to safeguarding the atoll’s unique biodiversity, ensuring that its pristine habitats continue to thrive for future generations.

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