Administration and Governance

maintaining ecosystem services and sustainably managing fisheries


Program Purpose

The Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association operates under a robust administration and governance structure with the ultimate oversight being a stakeholder board and program directors that over see the main managmemt programs. The are supported by a skilled accounting and administrative team that oversees operations and finances. This dedicated team manages budgeting, financial reporting, and operational logistics to ensure the effectiveness of TASA’s endeavors.

By adhering to strict financial standards and transparency, they play a vital role in advancing TASA’s mission in Turneffe Atoll. Working in tandem with the board of directors, who guide strategic decisions and uphold the organization’s conservation goals. Even in the areas of administrtaion and accounting TASA is innovting though the development of propriotory project management platform build to inclease the effective finanical managemnet and implemenation of projects.

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Key Activities

TASA forms partnerships with local stakeholders, networks, and government agencies and international organizations to promote sustainable practices. Emphasizing transparencey, accountability and ethical conduct, TASA’s governance framework ensures the effective management of the Atoll’s natural resources and the finances being raised, while fostering community involvement and ecological integrity for future generations.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at TASA holds the key responsibilities of safeguarding the organization’s vision, integrity, and policies. They ensure high standards of planning, administration, and resource management while meeting statutory obligations. Members attend and actively participate in meetings and committees, fostering inclusivity among Association members. 

The Board oversees membership criteria, promoting involvement in organizational activities. Operating voluntarily, they uphold confidentiality and non-discrimination principles. This dedicated group plays a vital role in decision-making, resource allocation, and governance within TASA, embodying a commitment to excellence, transparency, and equity.

Did you know?

Turneffe Atoll is the Largest & Most Biodiverse Coral Atoll in the Caribbean and the largest Marine Reserve in Belize

Management Plan

The Management Plan 2023-2027 outlines strategies for Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve (TAMR) to sustain biodiversity, ecosystems, and livelihoods, focusing on effective fisheries management, reef health maintenance, sustainable tourism, and financial sustainability. The Strategic Plan 2024-2028 guides Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association (TASA) towards achieving its vision and mission through improved fisheries management, habitat preservation, internal capacity development, and financial sustainability.

Emphasizing transparency, innovation, collaboration, and stakeholder inclusivity, TASA aims to create a resilient marine ecosystem supporting sustainable livelihoods and economic benefits for Belize, driven by adaptive interventions and strategic planning for long-term success.

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