Enforcement Program

enforcing regulations and safeguarding the marine environment


Program Purpose

TASA’s Enforcement Program has evolved to embrace cutting-edge technology, enhancing its capabilities in enforcing regulations and safeguarding the marine environment at Turneffe Atoll. This program now integrates innovative solutions to bolster monitoring and compliance efforts, ensuring a more effective and efficient approach to conservation.

Led by an Enforcement Manager, the program’s components include Surveillance and Enforcement, Fisheries Compliance, and Technological Solutions, all working in harmony to uphold Marine Reserve legislations effectively inlcusive of those that give oversight to fisheries management, tourism, development, port regulations etc..


Key Activities

The Conservation Officers are deeply integrated into all facets of the organization, extending their oversight beyond zoning enforcement. From ecotourism initiatives to scientific monitoring, they play a crucial role in ensuring compliance and promoting responsible practices across Turneffe Atoll. With three strategically located conservation outposts, located north to south, at Mauger Caye, Calabash Caye, and Caye Bokel, our team conducts strategic patrols, bolstering our commitment to safeguarding the biodiversity of Turneffe Atoll Marine Reseve in order to Increase stewardship and encourage the sharing of best practice.

Patrols and Surveillance

Patrols and Surveillance play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with TAMR rules. SMART technology enhances enforcement effectiveness within TAMR, optimizing monitoring and planning of patrols. The M2 Radar, with a 5 nautical mile radius and a high-definition long-range camera, monitors boat activities, strategically positioned near a spawning aggregation site.

Drones, both aerial and underwater, are employed to supplement other technologies and patrol methods, enhancing surveillance capabilities. By utilizing advanced technology solutions like radar and drones alongside zoning maps, TAMR strengthens its ability to monitor and enforce regulations, promoting responsible marine stewardship among stakeholders and users.

Marine Reserve Regulations

Learn about Turneffe’s Marine Reserve Regulations, guided by the Fisheries Resource Act, Forest Act, Wildlife Protection Act, and Environmental Protection Act. Covering 131,690 hectares with 4 management zones—General Use, Preservation, Special Management, and Conservation—we prioritize conservation goals. Our partnerships with key authorities bolster protection efforts within the reserve.

Join us in safeguarding marine ecosystems and promoting sustainable practices at Turneffe. Access our Regulations Booklet for detailed guidelines and compliance information.

Conservation Outposts

TASA’s Conservation Outposts at Mauger, Calabash, and Caye Bokel accommodate 16 officers on a rotating basis, residing on the atoll for two-week shifts. Their duties range from cooking and visitor engagement to enforcement, outreach, science monitoring, and maintenance.

Following their stay, officers have six days off before returning. Caye Bokel and Calabash Caye feature docking, picnic areas, and restroom facilities for visitors. This setup ensures effective conservation and visitor experiences, with officers overseeing daily operations and offering essential services to enhance guests’ enjoyment of the atoll.

Did you know?

Turneffe boasts the only Marine Monitoring Radar in Belize used for Enforcement purposes.

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