The Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve experience

Discover a secluded marine wilderness on the Belize Barrier Reef. There are many ways to explore and experience Turneffe Atoll – a secluded, protected coral reef wonderland off the coast of Belize.

A Pristine Marine Protected Area

Turneffe Atoll is a Marine Protected Area in Belize that offers many remarkable experiences both above and below the waves. Thanks to far-sighted management, this unique coral ecosystem remains pristine, and is one of the best places in the Caribbean to escape the crowds, and encounter remarkable marine wildlife. You’ll find some most renowned dive sites and the best wreck dive in Belize on Turneffe, but you don’t need deep water to have incredible experiences – the snorkelling, fishing and onshore nature trails all provide memorable moments to share with friends and family.

Check out our guide to signature experiences at Turneffe Atoll, then click on the links to learn more about experiencing the very best of Belize in your own style, and at your own pace.

Signature Experience

Drop in on the wreck of The Wit

Deliberately sunk to form the spine of a new reef, The Wit is an unusual concrete transport ship that is now enjoying a second life below the clear blue waters of Turneffe. Marine creatures have already begun to colonise The Wit, providing remarkable scuba experiences for more skilled divers (and citizen scientists) – and a very special research subject for marine biologists and conservationists. The Wit is perhaps the ultimate example of repurposing something that was no longer needed, and now forms the basis of an expanded undersea ecosystem.

Signature Experience

Explore the forests and mangroves of Turneffe

These coastal habitats perform several key roles – they help to protect the atoll from the impact of tropical storms, retain sand to counter erosion, and serve as a remarkable transitional ecosystem between sea and shore. The distinctive roots of the mangroves provide sanctuary for juvenile fish, while expanses of sand and mud harbour crabs and other essential species. On shore, the forests of Turneffe reveal how humans have interacted with this very special place for centuries. You can explore ancient Mayan ruins and learn about the nutritional and medicinal uses of plants. 

Signature Experience

Explore Belize’s first snorkel trail

This unique experience introduces you to multiple underwater habitats, from coral reefs to seagrass beds. Look out for the markers that indicate points of interest, and refer to the underwater guides at each marker to learn more about the creatures that thrive in each ecosystem. For a more in-depth look at the underwater world, take a local guide with you – or simply explore at your own pace as you look out for turtles, colourful reef fish and more. Yes, it’s an educational experience, but you’ll be having so much fun it won’t even feel like one!

Experience Turneffe

The best scuba diving in Belize

Turneffe Atoll offers unparalleled underwater diving experiences. There are enough dive sites to keep you busy for weeks, and a remarkable variety of habitats. These include everything from shallow seagrass beds to busy reefs and deep water drop offs. Because Turneffe is protected, it boasts many iconic, important and threatened species, including the spectacular Nassau grouper, plus creatures you may not be familiar with, such as the American saltwater crocodile and the elusive Antillean manatee. Add in warm, clear water, and numerous local companies specialising in diving day trips, and it all adds up trouble-free bubble making.

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Experience Turneffe

The best flyfishing in Belize

Stalk the shallows of Turneffe Atoll in pursuit of some of the most challenging game fish: tarpon, permit and bonefish. Catch all three in one day to join the ranks of the select group of flyfishers to have achieved the fabled grand slam. 

Experienced local guides will show you their secret spots and advise you on the most successful flies and techniques. Catch-and-release rules mean that each fish you hook will be released to fight another day, so you can enjoy pitting your wits against wily opposition without causing any lasting harm. 

Partner Resorts at Turneffe

Where and why to stay on Turneffe

Turneffe is truly paradise on earth, and the accommodation options on the atoll certainly live up to this billing. Choose from smaller, intimate beach lodges and larger, resort-style destinations – either way, you’ll experience the warm hospitality for which Belizeans are famous, and be spoiled for choice when it comes to activities on land and at sea.

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Turneffe Day Trips

Who to book with for a day out at Turneffe

From Ambergris Caye, San Pedro and Caye Caulker, several excellent dive charter companies operate excellent day trips to Turneffe Atoll for diving and snorkelling. 

We’ve compiled a list of the operators we recommend – they all have modern diving gear, fully equipped boats and experienced captains and dive masters. They know all the best spots to find marine wildlife, and can tailor-make each excursion depending on your needs (as well as taking into accounts the seasons and tides, naturally).

With dozens of dive sites to choose from at Turneffe Atoll, you’ll want to do more than one day trip!  

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