BlueWild in partnership with TASA (Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association)

Who We Are

A strategic implementation partnership

The Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association, Blue Alliance and BlueRise – Working together for the sustainability of the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve through tourism

Humans are failing the world’s oceans and, in the process, we’re making life harder for the creatures that live in them and the people who depend on them. Without urgent action, we risk losing one of our most precious resources – the coral reefs that protect and support communities of marine life and humans.

We believe that Marine Protected Areas are the best way to give oceans a break, without excluding people from the equation. Well-managed MPAs provide opportunities for responsible travel and sustainable harvesting as part of the blue economy. When you make mindful choices about your travel destinations, you can have a lasting, positive impact.

Nature doesn’t need our help healing – it just needs time and space to heal itself. It’s time for a new approach to marine conservation.


Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association

The Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association is a non-profit organisation that provides the indispensable day-to-day protection, management and monitoring of the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve.


BlueWild EcoVentures

BlueWild EcoVentures was established by Blue Alliance Marine Protected Areas to connect people and oceans through responsible travel experiences, and to harness tourism as a sustainable means of supporting Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for the long term.

Our approach is founded on three pillars:

• Through our network of resort and dive operator partners we inspire travellers to DISCOVER sustainable marine travel destinations and experiences, and to share their stories and ours.

• By encouraging travellers to LEARN more about coral reefs and the threats they face, and by garnering their support, we work to ensure their long-term survival.

• Through GATHERing a travel community of people who share our passion for ocean and reef conservation, we believe we can be a force for good.


Blue Alliance Marine Protected Areas

Blue Alliance is a non-profit social enterprise that builds and co-manages Marine Protected Areas through agreements with governments — In Belize, it works in collaboration with the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association as a strategic implementation partner.

Blue Alliance believes a new model for marine conservation must emerge — one that challenges the status quo. We believe in business as a force for good — a social enterprise built on sound entrepreneurial and sustainability principles to conserve marine biodiversity and better the lives of local communities.

Blue Alliance is working to regenerate 1,280,000 ha of high-biodiversity coral reefs, protect over 70 threatened species and improve the livelihoods of more than 20,000 people in coastal communities.

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